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Lafco Candles

Lafco is a New York based company that was founded in 1992 by Jon Bresler. In 2008, LAFCO launched its first collection, House & Home, originally a collection of eight candles named for a room or a home. Today House & Home is a thriving collection that includes diffusers and bath & body products in a range of fragrance combinations.”

The Lafco Candles are made to enhance the mood of a particular space and not overpower it. These candles are made in the United States and made out of a soy blend and natural essential oils. The vessel is hand-blown and the rim on the glass in painted by hand. If you look at the bottom of each candle you can see where it was cut. Once the candle has burned you can reuse the hand-blown glass.

One particular scent that is perfect for this time of year is The Sea & Dune/ Beach House candle. It can be burned in any room of your house for a nice summer scent. The fragrance of this candle is “fresh, floral aquatic: invigorating top notes of fresh lemon and Spicy Costal Lily evolve in a translucent heart of watery Blue Lotus and sweet green Beach Grass. Amber Sand Accord and effervescent ginger create a relaxing aura in the drydown.”

When you first burn the candles allow it to melt all the way to edge of the glass. This will make sure the candle will burn evenly. After the first burn, the candles are best if burned for 2-4 hours at a time. Then trim the wick ¼” before burning each time.