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Get Your Home Organized With a Back-to-School Checklist

It's not too late to "Get Your Home Organized With a Back-to-School Checklist".

I found a perfect article. "Follow these tips to help your family start the school year right"

"The beginning of the school year is a flurry of activity and mixed emotions. Make this transition as smooth as possible for kids and yourself by spending some time putting smart systems in place around the house. From gathering lunch-making supplies and keepsake boxes to organizing wardrobes, hanging backpack hooks and more." Even though the school year has already started its not too late to keep organized for your kids school year.

To read about each and the rest of the article click this link.


1. Set up a homework zone.   2. Give bedrooms a mini makeover.   3. Record important dates on the calendar.   4. Make some meals ahead. 

5. Create an after-school snack zone.   6. Stash get-out-the-door essentials where you actually use them.   7. Plan ahead for paper chaos.  

8. Take stock of wardrobes.   9. Decide on guidelines for screen time.   10. Create a dedicated space for each child’s daily gear. 

11. Pick a central spot to stash library books.   12. Inspire your clan with a family photo wall.   13. Schedule downtime.