Custom Design Services

servies1"Making the world beautiful one room at a time"

At Butter & Velvet, we believe that every home should be beautiful and practical while reflecting the personality and lifestyle of its owners (not the designers).

Our specialty is delivering curated looks, where one rooms logically flows into the next and captures your family spirit. To that end, we always try to incorporate an element from another room, a piece of art, a home-made  tchotchke or beloved accessory, or maybe a funky chair - something that has meaning and harmonizes with all the other room furnishings and decorative elements. 

We also love to mix and match. Gone are the days where every piece of furniture in a room is from the same collection, with every fabric design and color cooresponding perfectly. Families come in all sizes, shapes and colors, why not design?

We like to incorporate pieces from different vendors; recommend artwork from various artists, local  when possible; and contrast rich, bold colors with lighter shades for maximum effect. The resulting designs are wonderfully diverse yet comfortably coordinating, not perfectly interrelated and inherently boring. 

Together, we'll make it fit you; we'll make it feel like you

about_img2Every new CYS design, design engagement begins with a consultation (2 hours average), either at your home or in the Butter & Velvet showroom. We ask lots of questions, because we want to know: 

After taking all this in, we'll share our ideas of what we would do in the space, offering our expertise to spark discussions on ideas and options you may not have realized were possible. Once a letter of agreement is signed, the fun and collaboration begins!

CYS designers do not make unilateral decisions, because it's not our home - it's yours. We encourage a high level of collaboration, to the extrent you're comfortable with, so that we can deliver a space we're confident you will love, where you will be proud to entertain family and friends.

From the ceiling to the floor and everything in between

CYS design, personifies the notion that custom design services do not have to be expensive. We offer a variety of offerings and styles with multiple price points to suit al tastes and budgets. We are completely upfront with our fee schedule, and provide detailed quotes that leaves nothing to surprise. 

We also have trusted contacts in all the trades your design project may require, including CAD designers, general contractors, painters, electricians, plumbers, so we can expertly manage your project from start to finish. 

Together, we will work hard to make your custom design work for your family. Because the greatest compliment all of us at Butter & Velvet can receive is hearing your guests' say, "I love what you've done with the place, I feel so at home here."

Ready to take that awesome next step? Call us at (973) 784 - 4600 to make an appointment for a design consultation.