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8 Reasons to Go for a Single-Cushion Sofa

Deciding on a new sofa for your living room or family room? A single-cushion sofa is a great idea because you don't have to worry about multiple-cushion dilema or dropping change. Here are eight reasons why your next sofa should be a single-cushion.


1. A bench cushion is easier to nap on.                                                      2. A bench cushion can help a small space look bigger.

3. A bench cushion looks neater, even with lots of pillows.                        4. A bench cushion means no more lost change between the seats. 

5. Bench cushions can work well on sectionals.                                         6. Bench cushions make streamlined curving shapes possible. 

7. A bench cushion makes it easier to squeeze in one more person.         8. A bench cushion is better for snuggling.


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