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5 Kitchen Island Shapes You Haven’t Thought Of

Thinking about renovating your kitchen and want a unique look. 

Here are 5 different kitchen island shapes that are far less common than a rectangle shape.

1. L-Shaped 

Homeowners’ request: A large, functional kitchen in a clean, bright transitional style. A dining table was a must.
Island shape: To make room for a dining table, designer Iris Michaels made a cutout in the 48-by-28-inch island to create a small L.

2. Prominent Bend

Homeowners’ request. South River Custom Homes designed this model home that combines Craftsman and farmhouse styles with more modern elements.
Island shape. An angled island makes room for extra seating and a butcher block-topped prep station. 

3. Subtle Bend

Homeowners’ request. A social kitchen that would accommodate many guests and activities. It also had to have direct access to the outdoors, through a screen porch with amazing views of the water.
Island shape. “The island was elongated parallel to the water view, and truncated at the end both for circulation and to match the vibrant form of the house,” says architect Phil Kaplan.

4. Bar and Table Add-On

Homeowners’ request. A casual coastal home that holds up to wear and tear from a large family.
Island shape. An attached wood table and bar counter offers plenty of extra seating for casual meals and for kids to do homework while the adults cook. 

5. Pentagon

Homeowners’ request. An open layout with sufficient traffic flow for entertaining.
Island shape. “The island shape is made up of applying a triangle-shaped section to the end of a rectangle-shaped section,” says designer Robert O’Neil. “The design was for a combination of functionality and aesthetics. Due to the shape, two additional bar stools are able to be added, and the countertop follows the exterior wall for a nice clean look.”


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